Replacement of the Annual Return

In order to simplify a company’s filing requirements the annual return, which requires a company to re-confirm detailed information about the company, it’s directors, shares and shareholders each year even if no changes have taken place, a new confirmation statement will be replacing the annual return from June 2016.

Instead of having to confirm any event-driven filings (such as a change of registered office) and duplicate a confirmation of information that hasn’t changed since the previous year, a company will simply need to confirm that all information has been delivered to the Registrar or is being delivered during the course of completing the statement.

The confirmation statement will also differ from annual return in that it can be made at any time within a 12 month period since the last statement. So rather than waiting until the statement date to confirm changes that have occurred at some other point during that period, a company could choose to make changes to their company details and file the statement at that point, which would be more simple administratively.

The confirmation statement will be similar in scope to the annual return with additions in respect of the new PSC register legislation.