The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act

The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act

The act is coming into force in stages and the first of these new stages was implemented over the weekend and may affect you and your business.

Day of Date of Birth suppression

To eliminate risk of fraud the day of the date of birth of company directors will no longer be visible on the public register.

Faster Company Strike-offs

Until now it has taken a minimum period of three months after the first Gazette notice before a company is dissolved at Companies House, now this period is being reduced to two months.

Consent to Act

In a move to take records away from paper and into digital format it will no longer be necessary for Directors and Secretaries to sign any forms to accept their legal responsibilities afforded by the role they are taking within the Company. Instead, a ‘consent to act’  statement is being added to company incorporation and appointment form documents to confirm that the officers have consented and accept their legal responsibilities.

Company House Forms

For those of you completing digital records there may be new items online that you will need to complete, please keep your eyes out for these. For those of you using paper forms to make changes at Companies House, please note that as of the 9thof October 2015 many forms have been changed, so if you keep copies in the office you will need to download new copies. For example the AR01 Annual Return form and the AP01 to appoint a new director. Please check Companies House frequently for those forms that you use regularly.